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Aesthetic Care

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Facial Care

Complete your experience of total wellness at Appalaches with luxury aesthetic treatments. With the purchase of one treatment, get 20% off the second treatment, even on the same day.

  • Superficial skin cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Circulation activator
  • Blackhead extraction, when necessary
  • Face, throat, and neckline massage
  • Mask, according to skin type


Manicure or Pedicure

  • Hands or feet bath (soaking)
  • Exfoliating
  • Nail cleaning (trimming, filing, and cleaning)
  • Sanding
  • Massage, beneficial for circulation
  • Hydrating mask and vasoconstrictor

$60/pedicure and $35/manicure
UV nail polish: $45/application
Add $5 for a choice of nail polish

Paraffin Bath for Hands or Feet

  • Massage of hands or feet massage with moisturizer
  • Paraffin bath