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Our estate, near Drummondville, prides itself on being able to offer a unique local dining experience to our guests. The team at our restaurant, a few steps from the chalets, concocts delicious dishes using fresh, local ingredients. With every bite, you can taste the richness and diversity of local flavors. We are confident that you will be seduced not only by the quality of the food, but also by the warm and rustic atmosphere of our restaurant. We hope you enjoy discovering this hidden culinary gem on our estate near Drummondville.

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In our restaurant, we use local ingredients such as vegetables and fish to ensure the quality of our food while supporting farmers and fishermen in the Drummondville area. Fresh local produce provides intense flavor and a unique texture to our dishes. Additionally, by using local ingredients, we reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the often long journey of imported ingredients while minimizing transportation costs. We believe in supporting our community near Drummondville.

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Treat yourself to a quality meal during your vacation, in the region of Drummondville, it's taking the time to have fun and rest while tasting delicious flavors. It is also an opportunity to discover the culinary culture of the region of Drummondville and to broaden its taste horizons. Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your diet and enjoying a quality meal is a great way to achieve this. So why not treat yourself and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal?

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